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Conference championship (outright)
Conference championship (tie)
National championship

20174-2Mountain WestBryan Harsin
201610-3Mountain West1st (tie)Cactus Bowl12 - 31 LBryan Harsin
20159-4Mountain West3rd (tie)Poinsettia Bowl55 - 7 WBryan Harsin
201412-2Mountain West1st16Fiesta Bowl38 - 30 WBryan Harsin
20138-5Mountain West3rd (tie)Hawaii Bowl23 - 38 LBob Gregory
201211-2Mountain West1st18Las Vegas Bowl28 - 26 WChris Petersen
201112-1Mountain West2nd8Las Vegas Bowl56 - 24 WChris Petersen
201012-1Western Athletic2nd9Las Vegas Bowl26 - 3 WChris Petersen
200914-0Western Athletic1st4Fiesta Bowl17 - 10 WChris Petersen
200812-1Western Athletic1st11Poinsettia Bowl16 - 17 LChris Petersen
200710-3Western Athletic2ndHawaii Bowl38 - 41 LChris Petersen
200613-0Western Athletic1st5Fiesta Bowl43 - 42 WChris Petersen
20059-4Western Athletic1st (tie)MPC Computers Bowl21 - 27 LDan Hawkins
200411-1Western Athletic1st12Liberty Bowl40 - 44 LDan Hawkins
200313-1Western Athletic1st16Fort Worth Bowl34 - 31 WDan Hawkins
200212-1Western Athletic1st15Humanitarian Bowl34 - 16 WDan Hawkins
20018-4Western Athletic2ndDan Hawkins
200010-2Big West1stHumanitarian Bowl38 - 23 WDirk Koetter
199910-3Big West1stHumanitarian Bowl34 - 31 WDirk Koetter
19986-5Big West2nd (tie)Dirk Koetter
19974-7Big West3rdHouston Nutt
19962-10Big West5thTom Mason
19957-4Big Sky2nd (tie)Pokey Allen
199413-2Big Sky1stPokey Allen
19933-8Big Sky7thPokey Allen
19925-6Big Sky5thSkip Hall
19917-4Big Sky4th (tie)Skip Hall
199010-4Big Sky2nd (tie)Skip Hall
19896-5Big Sky3rd (tie)Skip Hall
19888-4Big Sky3rdSkip Hall
19876-5Big Sky4th (tie)Skip Hall
19865-6Big Sky5thLyle Stencich
19857-4Big Sky3rdLyle Stencich
19846-5Big Sky3rd (tie)Lyle Stencich
19836-5Big Sky3rd (tie)Lyle Stencich
19828-3Big Sky4thJim Criner
198110-3Big Sky1st (tie)Jim Criner
19809-4Big Sky1stJim Criner
197910-1Big Sky1stJim Criner
19787-4Big Sky4thJim Criner
19779-2Big Sky1stJim Criner
19765-5-1Big Sky5thJim Criner
19759-2-1Big Sky1stTony Knap
197410-2Big Sky1stTony Knap
197310-3Big Sky1stNCAA D-II Semifinals
(Pioneer Bowl)
34 - 38 LTony Knap
19727-4Big Sky3rd (tie)Tony Knap
197110-2Big Sky1st (tie)Camellia Bowl32 - 28 WTony Knap
19708-3Big Sky4th (tie)Tony Knap
19699-1IndependentTony Knap
19688-2Independent-Tony Knap

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